Cheryl Fernandez-Versini: I love the smell of rhubarb

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s new perfume has memory-evoking scents of rhubarb and sugar.

Last month the British singer released her latest StormFlower perfume, Noir, giving a more night time feel to the popular fragrance.

When she was deciding what notes to put into it, Cheryl was surprised by the advice the experts gave her.

“The original Stormflower was from something… I used to wear a mixture of perfumes,” Cheryl exclusively told Cover Media.

“So I put all the mixture into one, and then from this I went to Paris to develop this one. And he was asking us questions about childhood and blah de blah, and when I was little, to get an idea of what smell I liked. And when I was little my grandma used to have rhubarb in the garden so we would take

the rhubarb in sugar and it eat it like that. So I’ve actually got rhubarb and brown sugar in there.”

Cheryl is back on UK TV screens with the new series of The X Factor, and fashion fans are already anticipating a style showdown between her and fellow judge Rita Ora.

In the past Cheryl’s outfits have been pitted against former mentors Mel B and Sharon Osbourne, and while she hasn’t revealed details about any of her live show clothes, one thing is for sure – Cheryl will be spraying herself in StormFlower Noir before each programme.

“Of course [I’ll be wearing it]. “[It goes best with] a little black dress,” she added. “Lots of perfume, seductive. It’s sexy, it’s sensual and it’s very wearable.”

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