Cover Media creates, licenses and distributes entertainment and lifestyle news and feature content (video, photos and words) to digital, print and broadcast media. Fast, accurate and with verified sources, our digital feeds are updated continuously, responding to social signals and trending topics to provide our clients with editorial immediacy and customised service. Our worldwide clients include leading publishers and ISPs and with entertainment coverage provided by an experienced team we have access to the world’s biggest events and their stars.

Our expert editorial team operates 24/7 with bureaux in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain producing compelling content which resonates with our publishers’ digital and mobile audiences.

Our video team creates and curates engaging, powerful and shareable stories for online and mobile audiences. Our growing short-form production includes nature, human-interest, technology, food and celebrity.

Cover Media also provides premium content solutions for brands and creative agencies resulting in deep engagement and high impact through branded, tailored and event based content. Our team have a proven track record for producing iconic and compelling content that both resonates with the audience, supports the brand marketing objectives and delivers results.

The group continues to grow, and to provide engaging and relevant content for broadcasters, radio stations, publishers, digital platforms, telecoms and news agencies around the world.


Matthew Walker

Managing Director

Chris Perera

Commercial Director

Glen Marks


Borja Lopez

Video Editor

Darryl Hannah Baker


Dean Murray

Editorial Director of Cover Images

Hayley Chamberlain

Picture Desk Manager & Features Editor